Elliot W. Salloway
Worcester MA/USA
founder, executive director USA

Dr. Salloway is an avid painter and photographer. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums in the US and abroad. Salloway has had art training at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts School and the Worcester Art Museum. He has practiced photography all over the world, including Cuba in the 1970s and in 2011, Paris in the 1980s, and the United States on his rafting adventures in the Grand Canyon and sailboat races up and down the East Coast. He has three books being considered for publication, “Boston Haymarket Color – 250 Years”, “Keep the Faith,” and “The Mysterious Miami River.” He has served on the boards of the Photo Resource Center, Public Action for the Arts and the Boston Ballet Society. As a faculty member at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he has used photography extensively as a teaching tool. His interest in photography began when he was nine years old, and started using his father’s Brownie box camera.

Manuel Schroeder
founder, executive director Europe

Schroeder started his professional career in 1983 as photographer, painter and musician. He began to experiment and improvise with different visual and acoustic materials, and worked as a freelance photographer and designer in international advertising agencies in the 90s. Schroeder portrays urban life in his work, which makes use of photography, video and painting. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and art museums (mostly in Germany and European countries) since 2001. Schroeder is founder and chief curator of Raumordnung eV, an international working art association and NPO, based in Germany. Schroeder, in many ways, imparts his vast knowledge on to the next generation, and has lectured at several institutions in Germany and Europe, such as Catholic University NRW/Cologne and Aachen/Germany, University of Fine Arts, Dresden/Germany, University of Arts, Vilnius/Lithuania, Daugavpils University/Faculty of Arts, Daugavpils/Latvia, just to name a few.