Dec 2011 residence, workshop and symposium by RAUMORDNUNG eV, Krefeld/Germany

„clusters and collages“
is the topic of the 1st international “forum contemporary art” (f/c/a) organized by the Germany-based art association RAUMORDNUNG eV in cooperation with the South Train Station Culture Center. From December 9th to 17th 2011, artists from USA, Israel, China, Italy and Germany work on site to this year’s theme in the context of project eXodus.

The symposium „Is genocide preventable?“ is realized by speakers Germany, also reflected and discussed in public.

Teenage students from cities Krefeld and Duisburgwill participate within the 3-day art workshops having the opportunity to develope the theme theoretically and practically, and in exchange with the professional artists in residence.

artitst in residence:

Rosario Buccellato (Erwitte/Sizilien/Italy) – collage/paintings (Papier, Farben)
Maike Gräf (Berlin/Germany) – sculptures (wood/colors)
Peter Neumann, Sabine Kreuer (Krefeld/Germany) – photography/dance performance (digital/live)
Dodi Reifenberg (Berlin, Israel) – collage (plasticbags/tape)
Elliot Salloway (Boston/USA) – digital composing (paperprints)
Manuel Schroeder (Berlin/Germany) – scenic composing, soundcollages (motion pictures/projections)
André Yuen, Frank Schablewski (Düsseldorf/China) – digital composing/spoken clusters (mixed media)
Thomas Krutmann (Köln/Germany) – „Der Fahnenträger“ (live performance)

Curated and directed by Manuel Schroeder

– Opening: Monday, 12/9/2011, 11 am
– Student Workshop: Monday, 12/12/2011 until Wednesday, 12/14/2011, 11am-4pm
– Symposium: Thursday, 12/12/2011, 11-13 pm
– Final Presentation: Saturday, 12/17/2011, 6pm

A documentation will be available soon.

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