dancing with my shade
“dancing with the shade”
(from “paradox” –
Worcester art period)

Mixed media on canvas, 50x75cm

Elliot Salloway

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE“blue delay”
(from “anticipation” –
Berlin art period)

deCollage on canvas,
affichepaper, acryllic,
clear laquer, 70X100cm

Manuel Schroeder

project eXodus has a mission:
to create awareness of the importance and complexity of preventing genocide which we have expanded to include all human rights violations and crimes against humanity. One of Evil’s greatest tools is that of apathy and closed mindedness. Project eXodus looks to present art as an instrument of communication, which has a long cultural history going back to ancient cave art, religious art, propaganda up to todays advertising campaigns. Through the language of art “project eXodus” seeks to stimulate sustainable impact in terms of awareness and discussions among young people and professional artists addressing the question: are crimes against humanity preventable?

Education never ends. We call on teenagers as well as adults in order to increase empathy and social awareness in their daily life.

To help forward this education, project eXodus looks to benefit local academic research institution such as “Strassler Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University” in USA or RAUMORDNUNG eV in Germany.

The founders of project eXodus are Dr. Elliot Salloway and Manuel Schroeder. They met first in 2010 at an art fair in Germany and met again in 2011 in Boston and Worcester creating the “project eXodus”.

Dr. Elliot Salloway (artist, art collector, medical academic from USA) works in mixed media, collages and photography with a view toward the “complexity of human nature.”

Manuel Schroeder (artist, curator, university lecturer from Germany) works in photography, video, paintings, decollages, artprojects in public spaces. His art can be summarized by his own statement “Don’t believe in answers, believe in questions.”

“If evil would look like evil, it wouldn`t be so successful”
Alfred Hitchcock

“Only art has the power of redeeming suffering from the abyss”
Ahrun Appelfeld