From August 23rd till 31st, 27 young students from Latvia, Estonia and Germany were invited to participate in a one-week-exploration in the city Daugavpils/Latvia. The participants of the project analyzed the effects of stereotypes in contemporary media to society through workshops and discussions.

Project contents:

– Analyzing “the images of people” in different types of media (TV, movies, the Internet, posters, commercials, newspapers

– Parallels of propaganda in history and todays advertising and public relation campaigns.

– One-week-workshop in social photography with teenage students about “the human face in contemporary media”.

The participants learned how their way of thinking and views about values are being affected by the media, and also to show, how many different stereotypes are existing in their daily life. The project gives opportunities in understanding different cultures and how to communicate with people from other countries. Through discussions, presentations, games and team work young people learned to realize and analyze stereotypes in media and in their daily life.

Composed and curated by Manuel Schroeder (Berlin/Germany), organized by Olga Jesse (Daugavpils/Latvia)

Supported by European Program “Youth in Action” in cooperation with art association Raumordnung e.V. (Krefeld/Germany) and Erfolg Biedriba (Daugavpils/Latvia)