Nov 2012 international group exhibition by octopus artprojects, Riga/Latvia

The exhibition “WAR” is curated by Evelina Vanaga and artist Edmund Luce. The show presents more than twentyfive artworks spanning a wide range of disciplines. The theme of the show is chosen to stimulate cultural collaboration in the realm of art between different countries. The goal is to help attain mutual understanding of the theme and offer insight on war from different angles. Every artist in the show is sharing personal experience and unique attitude.

The task of the show is to look for connections and link creativity, social development and responsibility of societies in local, European and worldwide context. The issues are formed around tolerance, considerateness and criticism. The theme is discussed while paraphrasing functions of war including: different factors and their meanings in the process of it, the roles of viewers, and observers, and possible impacts. In the center of the artworks’ attention are questions considering military, economical and political intervention.

The participating artists are representing Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Texas and Zimbabwe.

from 2nd till 4th November 2012
exhibit open from, 10.00 to 19.00
Bauskas street 20, Riga, Latvia
Opening: November 2nd at 17.00

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